Our Story

In 2002, the idea behind Lakeside’s integrated multidisciplinary approach to autism and neurodevelopmental disorders was being formed. As a graduate student Dan Stachelski worked in a collaborative project between the Communication Disorders and Sciences program and the Behavior Analysis and Therapy Department. We created a model that included individual therapy, parent training, education, and in-home supports. By being a part of the creation of this program it became clear, that an integrated service delivery model with ongoing collaboration was needed to create the best outcomes for children with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. After graduation from Southern Illinois, through a variety of roles and experiences in clinical settings, Dan was able to develop an understanding of what works effectively for comprehensive service delivery when applied to children affected by autism. Dan then pursued work in private practice and focused his energy on understanding the most recent breakthroughs in treatments as well as gaining insight from families on what challenges they faced. Dan was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to provide therapy with families in their homes and hear about the real challenges they faced including: having a variety of providers in the home; the challenges of scheduling and coordination of care, communication amongst all those involved, conflicting information regarding evidence based treatments, and the list goes on… From these experiences, Dan came up with a vision to create a facility that provided comprehensive care to children and families affected by autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. What came from these experiences is what you see in Lakeside today. We are the largest therapist owned and operated center for autism and neurodevelopment in the Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah providing care to the entire eastside. This all happens as a part of integrated team that provides the best possible treatment to every child and family we serve. We have provided services to over 1000 children and have a team representing 10 plus different disciplines and 12 plus different programs working collaboratively to help you.

We understand your challenges…

Not knowing if your child has autism or other delays, having to wait to get in for testing, feeling lost after a diagnosis, frustration with understanding insurance, not knowing what are the best supports you can provide your child, feeling the impact of a diagnosis on your family, sorting through all of the information, not knowing what questions to ask, not knowing what are the best treatments available, not knowing where to start. These are all feelings, questions and complicated issues you may be working through.

Autism Experts committed to providing the best possible care

We have a team of experts that are here to simplify all of these complexities and get your child and family on the path to the best hope and future.

  • Our Goal: We are committed to providing the best hope and future for children and families affected by autism and neurodevelopmental disorders around the world.
  • Our Service: We provide comprehensive services as a part of an integrated team.
  • Our People: First and foremost, we are a team working together to support your child and family.

We are passionate, compassionate, caring and innovative. We are committed to providing the best hope and future.