Our Story

Our story is about hope and future. Lakeside was established with these fundamental values in mind. We sought to create an organization that provided hope and a future for children and families affected by autism and neurodevelopment around the world. Our organization was established in 2008 by a therapist that was dedicated to listening to the concerns and needs of those he worked with. Fundamental to the best outcomes were a multidisciplinary team, evidence based treatment, excellent people, innovative approaches and engagement from the families.

From a single provider to a team of 24 therapists, the team at Lakeside has contributed to the growth and successes of over 1000 families, the establishment of 2 facilities (including being recognized as a diagnostic center for excellence), and international recognition for the knowledge and services provided.
Today we are the largest therapist owned and operated center for autism and neurodevelopment on the eastside of Lake Washington. We have a team representing 10 plus different disciplines and 12 plus different programs working collaboratively to help you.

We understand your challenges…

Not knowing if your child has autism or other delays, having to wait to get in for testing, feeling lost after a diagnosis, frustration with understanding insurance, not knowing what are the best supports you can provide your child, feeling the impact of a diagnosis on your family, sorting through all of the information, not knowing what questions to ask, not knowing what are the best treatments available, not knowing where to start. These are all feelings, questions and complicated issues you may be working through.

Autism Experts committed to providing the best possible care

We have a team of experts that are here to simplify all of these complexities and get your child and family on the path to the best hope and future.

  • Our Goal: We are committed to providing the best hope and future for children and families affected by autism and neurodevelopmental disorders around the world.
  • Our Service: We provide comprehensive services as a part of an integrated team.
  • Our People: First and foremost, we are a team working together to support your child and family.

We are passionate, compassionate, caring and innovative. We are committed to providing the best hope and future.