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What are the signs of autism?

You’re not alone; Autism is common for US families.

1 in 88 children has Autism
6+ month appointment waitlist elsewhere
3 weeks to start at lakeside Center for Autism

With our comprehensive services, we can help your child grow and excel

Served over 800 families
12+ comprehensive services
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    Health Savings Account Use and Benefits:
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    On Mother’s (New Lakeside Family Member)

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  • Unthinkable Videos!

    Unthinkable Videos!

    All of us have experienced a time in which they did something which could be construed as “socially awkward” – I average about 150 of these moments in one day.  There is a fun curriculum called Superflex®: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum which teaches children (and adults!) about factors and …

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