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  • ADHD


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    Radar Kiddo

    LCAN’s Rapid Attention Deficit Assessment Response (RADAR) clinic provides children and teens with efficient and timely diagnosis of ADHD. The RADAR team, through efficient neuropsychological testing, is able to provide precise information about your child or teen’s needs in a single appointment that lasts only two hours. Following this session …

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  • Thank you Speech Team!

    Thank you Speech Team!

    speech picIt is better speech and hearing awareness month! We would like to thank our amazing speech therapists for their commitment to the families of Lakeside. They are a tremendous group of professionals committed to the best hope and future. Thank you John, Mary, Heather, Kalayla, Carrie and Cameron!…

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  • 6 Years!

    6 Years!

    Dear Families, Colleagues and Friends,

    Welcome to the 6th Anniversary celebration of Lakeside Center for Autism

    I write this statement with honor and gratitude. It is truly an honor that we have the opportunity to provide care and develop relationships with the children and families that attend our clinic.

    I …

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