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You’re not alone; Autism is common for US families.

1 in 88 children has Autism
6+ month appointment waitlist elsewhere
3 weeks to start at lakeside Center for Autism

With our comprehensive services, we can help your child grow and excel

Served over 800 families
12+ comprehensive services
30 amazing staff members backed by a loving community

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  • Unthinkable Videos!

    Unthinkable Videos!

    All of us have experienced a time in which they did something which could be construed as “socially awkward” – I average about 150 of these moments in one day.  There is a fun curriculum called Superflex®: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum which teaches children (and adults!) about factors and …

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  • Quick Tip – Eye Contact

    Quick Tip – Eye Contact


    In this age of tablets, Xbox Ones, and PS4s, it can be nice to get some real face time (and not Facetime on your iPhone!).  Often adults stress the importance of eye contact with children, but they might not explain to the child why looking at someone is important in …

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  • FUNctional Activities!

    FUNctional Activities!

    It’s no secret that kids today are constantly exposed to new television shows, video games, and other various media.  It seems as though each week one of my kids is talking about a new video game or app on the iPad that is “the bomb”.  Ok, so maybe my kids …

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