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  • 6 Years!

    6 Years!

    Dear Families, Colleagues and Friends,

    Welcome to the 6th Anniversary celebration of Lakeside Center for Autism

    I write this statement with honor and gratitude. It is truly an honor that we have the opportunity to provide care and develop relationships with the children and families that attend our clinic.

    I …

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  • The Benefits of Health Savings Accounts

    Health Savings Account Use and Benefits:
    With new insurance plans that are coming into play with higher deductibles and higher co-insurance amounts we wanted to share information regarding ways to plan for the costs and ways that you can benefit from Health Savings Account (HSA) programs. Many HSA accounts allow …

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  • On Mother’s (New Lakeside Family Member)

    On Mother’s (New Lakeside Family Member)

    Britton QuinnMy wife and I had the privilege of welcoming our 4th daughter into our family. Her name is Britton Quinn Stachelski. She was born at 11:31 PM on May 10th, the eve of mother’s day. Having gone through this with my wife 4 times and knowing this will be the …

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